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Avocet are suppliers of high quality window and door hardware and home security systems. Avocet have been a customer of Walkers since 2013.

The Warehouse/Admin Leader tells us of their Walkers experience.

We chose Walkers as we had high hopes for the service and cost savings promised. The service they provide is vital to our business and customers, with the quality of service recently highlighted on a carrier audit conducted by ourselves. Walkers offer full track and trace visibility, customer email notifications when goods are dispatched, as well as bespoke pricing due to an offering of multiple pallet sizes.

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Previously other providers only offered a flat rate, leading to an increase in our overall transportation cost which in turn ate into our margins. Walker’s new ETA function offers an automated two-hour delivery window notification to our customers via email or text. Our customers have been impressed by this new functionality and it has proved vital in enhancing our communications.

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We’d recommend Walkers as they certainly live up to their ‘Can Do’ philosophy. The team pull out all the stops to get the job done on time, every time.

It is my belief that Walkers are the only network pallet carrier that has the alert facility, and the portal features are second to none.

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