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Hills Panel Products are a leading supplier to the fitted furniture industry and have been a Walkers customer since 2012.

The Purchasing Director tells us of their Walkers experience.

“Even though our volume of business was very small at the time, Walkers shared our confidence that our business would grow. Having a reliable partner like Walkers has enabled us to deliver products outside our standard delivery area. Historically we delivered products on our own fleet of vehicles, and yet whilst we still do, Walkers take the strain of multi drops, same day delivery and wider field destinations such as the South East and Scotland.

As it is perhaps to be expected we have been approached by a number of alternative transport solution companies over the years however Walkers have set the benchmark and the competition doesn’t come close.

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Customer service and communication is of vital importance to us, and Walkers tick both boxes. Our pallets are delivered without a hitch however on the odd occasion if something hasn’t gone to plan, the Walkers customer service team react quickly and effectively.

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We find the Portal very user friendly – our dispatch team use this for successfully arranging collections and tracking deliveries on a daily basis.

We had no idea how successful our palletised business would become, and the Walkers Platform has remained flexible during our business growth.’’

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