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Saville Whittle manufacture pigment dispersions for application in a wide range of industries. Saville Whittle have been partnering with Walkers just under a year, and their Warehouse Operative tells us of their Walkers experience.

“We made the decision to move to Walkers because our previous transport provider had caused damage to our goods resulting in a cost to us as well as our customer. We no longer have damaged products, have reduced costs, maximised efficiencies and are able to keep our customers happy which is our upmost priority.

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The Walkers customer service team are very helpful and the system for labelling and booking pallets is quick and user friendly.

Walkers’ online Portal has many features, and we use all areas of the database. It is an easy to use platform and excellent for tracking deliveries.

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We would undoubtedly recommend Walkers Transport to our peers for the service we receive, consistency and quality of process and the benefits it has brought to our business.”

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