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Walkers Transport offers fully secure storage and warehousing facilities

Walkers is proud to offer large UK stockholding facilities across strategic locations at various venues across England. As UK and EU businesses try to navigate the uncertainty caused by Brexit, Walkers’ services allow their European partners to rest easy in the knowledge that their products are in good hands.


What is stockholding?

There are two forms of stockholding: 1) where goods are delivered to site and placed into stock for future use, or 2) where goods are delivered to site, reworked – picked and packed – and then re-distributed across the country. The former being the most popular form of stockholding. Walkers storage and handling facilities play a vital role in regulating the flow of deliveries as well as ensuring that all goods are available when needed thanks to our detailed records and collecting systems.

Materials can be held within a momentary holding facility where the goods are kept for a few hours, or in a larger storage area where they can be held for days or weeks.


Why you should have a UK stockholding if you are operating a European business.

Quicker response time

Having a stockholding means you are able to fill all UK customer orders easily and quickly – practically as soon as they come in – without having to worry about waiting for your stock to arrive in the country before being able to get your customers’ orders moving. There’s nothing better than consistently delivering orders on time, or early!

Quick replenishment

Keeping excess inventory means you are able to make sure that your shelves are always full and you have stock on hand!

Decreased risk of shortages

By keeping stock on hand, you are able to near enough guarantee that you will not run out of a particular item. Should there be a change in the demand for any of the goods you hold, having a healthy stockholding means you are likely to comfortably cope with fluctuations in demand.


Why choose Walkers for stockholding?

We offer fully secure storage and warehousing facilities across Leeds, Manchester and the Midlands. Our storage solutions are used by leading manufacturers, importers and retailers and, after expanding our core transport division. What’s more, you can also benefit from our Expert Customer Service who will advise on the correct documentation when moving goods in/out of the UK, and you can also take advantage of a Dedicated Account Manager who will look after your account – just one point of contact for you and your customers!

On top of this, we offer a variety of extra services such as: pick and pack, pallet consolidation, container decanting and product assembly.

Head to our storage services page to read about all the benefits as a Walkers customer. If your business requires a strategic warehouse and distribution solution, why not speak to a member of our expert team today on 0808 501 5864.

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