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At Walkers we champion growth, ambition and personal development, recognising that it is the success of our people that drives our route to success.

Our Drivers, an integral cog in the Walkers machine and the heartbeat of our business, remain rewarded and incentivised through our Elite Driver Program. We remunerate our hard-working, talented drivers who deliver your pallets day and night, rain or shine, by offering them the chance to earn up to an additional £4,000 per year just by proving how good they are at what they do!

General Transport Manager, Darren Payne, can’t speak highly enough of the program which rewards his dedicated workforce.

“It is a way of rewarding the drivers who do their jobs to the highest standard and to offer an incentive for everyone else to raise their standards to a level of what we expect from a professional driver.

“The obvious benefit for the driver is to be financially rewarded at the end of every quarter, dependent on what standard they achieve, but this also benefits our customers too. It’s an easy equation: better drivers and better service drives greater efficiencies which in turn benefits our customers.”

Supplementary to the Elite Driver Program, Walkers is proud to run our Driver Training Academy which is open to all skill levels.

Fully funded to ensure drivers don’t pay from their own pocket, the Driver Training Academy offers a great opportunity for employees to grow and develop within a fast paced, Can Do. environment. What’s more, we’re always on the lookout for fresh faces. As Darren says, why not come on board and see what we Can Do. For you?

Email darren.payne@walkers-transport.co.uk for more information.

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