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Reducing our effect on the environment

George Walker Transport Limited is committed to the following Environmental Policy Statement:

  • Identify the potential environmental impacts of Walkers Transport operations and determine what legislative requirements may be applicable.
  • Document, maintain and implement systems for controlling adverse environmental impact.
  • Establish a system to measure Walkers Transport environmental performance including periodic reviews and procedures for rectifying deficiencies.
  • Develop strategic objectives and targets for reducing or eliminating adverse environmental impact and promoting environmental improvements.
  • Provide sufficient resource to reasonably minimise any potential adverse impact of Walkers Transport operations on the environment.
  • Communicate to its employees the importance of operating Walkers Transport facilities in a manner consistent with healthy global environment.
  • Establish a channel for employees to communicate to management regarding the environmental impact of Walkers Transport operations.
  • Train employees as necessary to accomplish the goals of the Walkers Transport Environmental Policy.
  • Continuously improve environmental system and pollution prevention.
  • ┬áComply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System.


Each department, its Managers and Employees are responsible for compliance with this policy and with all applicable laws and legislation.

This Environment Policy Statement shall be displayed on all notice boars within the Company.