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Demonstrating our dedication to driving a greener future in the transport industry, we've partnered with leading climate action organisation Ecologi to provide our customers with the ability to track and offset their individual carbon footprint.

The initiative, launched as ‘Walkers Climate’, will use consignment intelligence from the Walkers Insight Portal – a bespoke, proprietary transport management system – to calculate the amount of carbon each consignment will produce. This information will be presented to our customer giving them a true understanding of the climate impact, with the opportunity to ‘carbon offset’ at the click of a button.  As part of their own commitment to a greener future, for all new customers we have committed to plant a tree for each consignment booked, with a pledge to plant one million trees by the end of 2030.

Following enquiries from a number of current and prospective customers, we anticipate a surge in uptake, with ‘Walkers Climate’ set to create a new industry benchmark for the minimisation of carbon emissions.

Our partnership with Ecologi will also allow us to provide all customers with a ‘virtual rainforest’, with full transparency on what their carbon offset is contributing towards. Current projects range from reforestation efforts through to solar and onshore wind projects.

Jason Scott, group CEO said, “We recognise the impact our sector has on the climate, and we embrace the environmental responsibility that comes with that. We aim to minimise our footprint, make positive change, and encourage our customers to do the same. Walkers Climate goes beyond just displaying the carbon footprint of upcoming consignments for our customers, it also captures the carbon emissions for all previous consignments, allowing them to view their cumulative carbon impact. Going forwards we want to partner with likeminded customers who share our objective of minimising climate impacts from our combined activities.”

For an industry that still has a long way to go with environmental standards, we hope that our partnership with Ecologi empowers others within the sector to take actionable steps in contributing to a greener future.

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