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Implementing the right technology can make our working lives easier and more productive. At Walkers Transport, we recognised over a year ago the importance of ensuring total data accessibility right across the board to simplify and speed up commercial processes. As a result, we made a decision to invest in the development of our own bespoke portal designed around the identified needs of customers moving palletised goods.

In addition to enhancing the customer experience, developing our own portal gives us total control over this vital aspect of our business into the future, ensuring we continue to respond immediately and effectively to our customers’ changing requirements.

Walkers Insight – developed by us, for you

Screen shot of the new Walkers Insight Portal

So what is Walkers Insight? It’s a totally new concept, bringing all aspects of palletised distribution together in one place. From booking in consignments through to accessing invoices, PODs and tracking your goods, Walkers Insight has been developed to improve the way we manage our business.

In short, you see exactly what we see; it’s a totally transparent system.

The science behind Walkers Insight

“Scoping the project began well over a year ago. For us, it was vital to understand what operational improvements would make a difference to our customers, both now and into the future. Alongside the key benefits of speed, ease of use and transparency and improved tracking notifications, we’ve incorporated a suite of KPI features enabling performance to be assessed and managed at a glance.”  

Kevin Crookes, Group IT Manager

Operational and functional benefits

Key benefits include real-time visibility of all consignments, access to data 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere with complete transparency of information. Everything a customer needs is now accessible in one place, including collections, delivery history, data and invoicing, saving time and money for transport operations.

Making Walkers Insight work for you

Walkers Insight is a constantly evolving platform. Unlike commercially available systems and pallet network offerings, we can review the capabilities and functionalities of our smart portal at any time to incorporate suggestions, improvements and requests from our customers. We intend Walkers Insight to reflect your individual requirements, updating and upgrading Insight to ensure we keep pace with the needs of your business.

Designed around simplicity and transparency

It’s easy and intuitive to use. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll already be aware of the onboarding process.

We’re here to help. Our comprehensive live chat facility will soon be up and running, and we’ll be pleased to discuss any issues you may experience or any questions you may have.

In addition, we’re developing a series of self help videos available via our website, providing step by step and ‘how to’ guides to ensure your business gets the most from our investment.

Leading the market

It’s an exciting time for Walkers as we implement the new Insight portal and provide new levels of functionality and transparency for our customers.

“Our investment in the Walkers Insight portal is expected to bring significant advantages and benefits for our customers, from order input through to invoicing, consignment tracking and KPIs. Our objective is to drive sustained improvements in collection and delivery performance, cementing our reputation as a market-leading logistics provider.”

Richard Simpson, CEO for Walkers Transport

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