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Having grown exponentially and with over 40 years’ experience, our expert customer service team are on hand behind the scenes of all the hustle and bustle to help you and your customers overcome any logistical challenge, keeping our operations well-oiled

Offering a complete transport and logistics platform for customers to grow their business, we move over 1 million pallets of freight every year and our customer service department are the beating heart of everything we accomplish.

By dealing with requests and queries non-stop, the evergreen nature of their togetherness is evident for all to see. With a never-ending list of duties, from handling ETA’s and price enquiries to Insight portal assistance and pallet count amendments, our customer service team are on the ball non-stop.

The growing team of dedicated experts give customers a direct point of contact with Walkers Transport on a daily basis and forge relationships which can be relied upon whatever the circumstance. Mandy, Customer Service Manager at our Northern Hub in Leeds, is the figurehead for Walkers’ service promise.

“It is amazing to be able to build relationships with people every day. We treat every customer the same and take pride in solving any issues they may have,” says Mandy.

“Our customer service assistants are brilliant. We always work as a team; helping each other when necessary and pushing the people around us forward to achieve better than yesterday.”

Speaking to hundreds of customers a week, the job never stops and the team support one another to ensure that our partners always receive the best possible service. This is proven by Walkers customers’ average ‘on hold’ time of just 31 seconds.

Working adjacent to the traffic desks, not a day goes by when phones aren’t ‘off the hook’ but Louise, one of our dedicated customer service Supervisors, says their team spirit goes deeper than when in uniform.

“Everyone is so knowledgeable and there is massive mutual respect in the office. The most important thing for me is being there in more ways than one,” Louise continues.

“Of course we are professional at work, but we all feel like family and share almost everything together outside of the office. This is so important to help us all grow closer and that reflects in performance levels when we put the headset on.”

This family feel encompasses everything that Walkers’ ethos is about; working together to guarantee results whilst maintaining a positive, joyous attitude.

If you’re looking for a career in Customer Service, why not contact a member of our friendly team to see if there are any job vacancies to suit you.

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