Lead Forensics

Keeping our standards and customer service high

Walkers Transport proposes, through our systems and people, to provide total commitment to customer service by developing and maintaining its quality management system (QMS).

The company is committed to comply and also committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

The Directors recognise that in order to achieve our goals the active involvement participation and commitment of all employees is essential.

Walkers Transport fully supports the development of all its employees and shall continually identify and ultimately meet training needs required to enable employees to perform their duties effectively efficiently and competently.

In order to continually improve the organisations performance objectives for improvement will be set periodically.

The framework for these objectives settings will be areas drawn from the organisations business plan and from discussions at management review meetings.

In order to achieve the objectives indicated in the quality policy statement the organisation will at least:-

  • Maintain effective performance measurement techniques throughout our processes by continuing to review Key Performance Indicators at weekly management meetings.
  • Introduce within the organisation a culture of continuous improvement through our commitment to the Palletways Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Continue to maintain effective health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Provide training and development of employees to ensure that the elements of this policy are met and that everyone with Walkers Transport is capable of performing their tasks effectively.