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A clear promise

Our service promise is clear. Our Can Do. culture means we are committed to our customers and we’ll do everything it takes to exceed their expectations.

We recognise that it’s not enough to deliver pallets on time, it’s how we represent you.

Richard Simpson, CEO

As a Walkers customer you will:

Have a dedicated customer service advisor

Develop a long-term relationship with your local account manager

Benefit from our proactive and expert planning team

Receive regular bespoke performance reports

Have anytime, anywhere access to our online portal

Our promises to you…

Safety First

We never compromise the safety of our people or our customers, this is our no.1 priority.

A Big Smile

We guarantee an industry leading experience with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service advisors.

Service Guarantee

From expert planning through to professional drivers and dedicated service support - we deliver our customers the service they deserve.

Continual Improvement

Because we know we can be better tomorrow, than we were today and will always look for ways to do things better.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. So, whether it be our comprehensive range of pallet sizes, bespoke pricing or dedicated service, we offer a tailor-made approach.

Leading Technology

From track and trace, through to our ETA functionality and PODs within the hour, we bring you the latest technological advancements before any other supplier.

A Long-term Relationship

As a representative of your brand, we strive to partner with you for the long haul. Your dedicated Account Manager will oversee the commercials of your account as you grow and develop.

Open Door

We encourage openness and transparency at all levels – from our CEO to the heads of department, all members of our team are on hand should you need us.

My team goes above and beyond every day to ensure they deliver the highest of standards.

Chelsea Burgoyne, Customer Service Manager (Manchester)

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