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Right now, the UK has over 50,000 unfilled driving roles, so the skills of every qualified driver are in high demand. And with online shopping growing in popularity, it is no surprise that by 2020 there will be a national demand for 150,000 drivers.

Couple this with a large proportion of LGV drivers being over the age of 60 and a 31% decline in the number of individuals passing their LGV test, recruiting drivers and keeping them can be a challenge for logistics and transport businesses.

Choosing the right employer for you

Finding the right place to work where driver pay and the working environment is right, plus support is at hand, can still be a challenge for many drivers.
So, whether you are looking for a new career in LGV driving or you are a seasoned veteran, take a few moments to stop and reflect on what you think makes a good driver, as well as how you might stand out from the crowd.

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It all comes down to 3 attributes…

The logistics industry is like a chain – with many links all running to a tight schedule and if one of those links break, the whole schedule can be quickly affected.
Therefore, logistic companies look for LGV drivers who are reliable. It’s essential you turn up to the job on time, every time and do everything in your power to meet your allocated delivery slots.
With over 5000 incidents involving transport in the workplace, a safety-first mindset is high on the list of attributes for all logistic companies.
Planning and implementing safety measures should be part of any logistic company’s DNA, but when drivers hit the road, it’s ultimately their responsibility to get their freight from A to B in the safest manner possible.
Honesty and integrity
Why are honesty and integrity important? Well, life out on the road as a driver gives you a sense of freedom. After all, to a degree, it gives you the ability to be your own boss. For this reason, companies will look for a driver who will comply with relevant rules and regulations – even when no one is watching.

LGV driving does make a difference

Without drivers there would not be a logistics industry – seeing many retailers and businesses grind to a halt. The trade makes a huge difference to the way we live, from ensuring shelves are stocked, to delivering vital supplies to hospitals or schools – or simply ensuring we have our patio furniture in time for the BBQ season!

Here at Walkers, we support both new and existing drivers through our driving academy.

If you believe you have these attributes and would like to find out more about the Walkers driving academy, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Find out more about the Walkers way.

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