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The Walkers Insight portal harnesses ground-breaking technology to provide a faultless user-friendly service.

Creating a sure-fire way of implementing the right technology to make our customers’ working lives easier and more productive shows that Walkers value the importance of ensuring total data accessibility across the board to help simplify the consignment booking experience.

This investment into enhancing the customer experience by developing our own portal highlights Walkers’ dedication to giving our customers the best possible service. The Insight portal allows customers to place and track consignments, add special notes to deliveries and insure their goods at the click of a button. Users also receive live announcements via their account homepage, meaning they are always kept up to date with Walkers’ last news.

Walkers Insight – developed by us, for you

What is Walkers Insight? The Insight portal allows our customers to see all their consignment information in one place. From booking in consignments through to accessing invoices, PODs and tracking your goods, Walkers Insight is constantly adapted to not only improve the way we manage our business, but to improve customer experience, too.

It is a totally transparent system to ensure a user-friendly operation which records and tracks all information whilst allowing multiple usernames for one account, so don’t worry if you have a large team. Walkers Insight caters for companies of all sizes.

The science behind Walkers Insight

“Alongside the key benefits of speed, ease of use and transparency and improved tracking notifications, we’ve incorporated a suite of KPI features enabling performance to be assessed and managed at a glance. For us, it is vital to understand what operational improvements make a difference to our customers, which is why we are always looking to develop the portal even further.”

Kevin Crookes, Group IT Manager

Operational and functional benefits

Walkers Insight clearly separates each stage of the booking process. You can view and add consignments separately, as well as accessing a comprehensive address book which records all historic bookings to speed up processes that have been previously undertaken. Within the booking process, examples of pallet types including dimensions, weight and cost instantaneously appear alongside the booking chart to ensure users book the correct pallets.

Other key benefits include access to data 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere with complete transparency of information, instant invoice and manifest availability and detailed performance graphs.

On top of all of this, users can view a real-time heat map of the UK and Europe, which shows them the live delivery and collection hotspots around the world, whilst also displaying areas experiencing delays in the network.

Making Walkers Insight work for you

Walkers Insight is an ever-evolving platform which caters to your every need as it is tailored for you. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the user experience even further and always take suggestions, improvements and requests from our customers on board in our quest for perfection. We want Walkers Insight to reflect your individual requirements, updating and upgrading Insight to ensure we keep pace with the needs of your business and save you time and money for transport operations.

Designed around simplicity and transparency

Walkers Insight is extremely easy to use and every new customer receives a thorough explanation of the system during the onboarding process. We set you up an initial log in username and password, but once you reset the details, they are purely confidential to you. When logged in, you immediately gain access to all the portal has to offer. There are no gimmicks, no nonsense, just a user-friendly consignment booking system.

We don’t just leave you to it, though. We are always happy to help. Our comprehensive live chat facility means we can discuss any issues you may experience or any questions you may have whilst using the portal.

Leading the market

It’s an exciting time for Walkers as we implement the new Insight portal and provide new levels of functionality and transparency for our customers.

“Our investment in the Walkers Insight portal is expected to bring significant advantages and benefits for our customers, from order input through to invoicing, consignment tracking and KPIs. Our objective is to drive sustained improvements in collection and delivery performance, cementing our reputation as a market-leading logistics provider.”

Jason Scott, Group Managing Director for Walkers Transport

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