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Walkers Transport are delighted to announce the certification of its Quality Management System to ISO:9001.

The certification covers all sites in the Walkers Transport Group: Leeds, Manchester, Midlands, and Birstall which boasts outside storage.

As a leading UK transport and third-party logistics specialist, Walkers Transport provide bespoke transport solutions to leading manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

To achieve certification to the International Quality Standard, external UKAS-approved auditors carried out numerous assessments into the firm’s robust, efficient and effective quality management systems, which underpin its daily operational and business activities.

Tim Bentley, Group SHEQ – Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality – manager at Walkers Transport, said: “Consistent use of ISO 9001 has provided us with a framework to sustain and grow the business. Adopting an instantly recognisable and widely understood quality system which includes consistent and repeatable processes has helped the business to function in a disciplined and systematic way.

“Accreditation to the ISO 9001 standard means that Walkers Transport will continue to be known as a world class quality organisation. Being able to proudly display the ISO logo will give our customers and employees improved levels of confidence and trust in the ‘Can Do.’ service that we deliver.”

The hard-earned recognition follows recent success after Walkers secured a £20m contract with Sika Everbuild earlier in the year, as well as joining the HazChem Network which saw the company expand its range of services available to customers even further.

Founded in 1979 and known as the “Can Do.” company, Walkers offers a complete solution for the daily management and delivery of palletised goods through harnessing the power of technology and expert planning to get our customers’ goods from one location to another.

Call our team on 0808 164 1076 to see what we Can Do. for you today!

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