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Walkers have increased their service offering to encompass the delivery of hazardous goods by partnering with the HazChem network!

Walkers Transport are delighted to have joined the only Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR) network in the UK in order to facilitate the safe delivery of hazardous goods in compliance with the Chemical Industry regulations.

By broadening our service options to be inclusive of hazardous deliveries, we are now able to offer a UK next day ADR pallet service to our ever-growing customer base.

ADR is the European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road and is a United Nations treaty that was first concluded in 1957 and has been updated ever since, in line with new rules and regulations in the logistics industry.

The Hazchem Network handles over 1,500 pallets & 400 parcels each night at their Hinckley hub and delivers goods throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe via their member depots. Backed by the best names in hazardous goods transport, the network offers unparalleled service and guaranteed compliance, which was a major contributing factor for Walkers Transport’s desire to partner with The Hazchem Network.

Safety of both employee and customer is of paramount importance to us here at Walkers, so by joining HazChem, we are given complete peace of mind when handling hazardous freight – notably the Emergency Response Service that HazChem offer, along with all other precautions and compliance processes too.. The network has grown to become the preferred method when distributing ADR pallets and parcels in the UK and we cannot wait to see both parties reap the rewards of what we know will be an extremely successful partnership.

Nada Marinovic, The Hazchem Network’s Director, is ecstatic to welcome Walkers to their growing network of providers. “We are delighted to welcome our most recent member – Walkers Transport – to join us,” said Marinovic.

“Our success in attracting high quality members, such as Walkers, to join our current team of sixty strong members is attributed to our well known and respected reputation in ADR packaged goods road transportation.”

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