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We are delighted to announce that in the last quarter, we have successfully secured a three-year transport and logistics contract worth more than £20m with sealant, adhesive and building chemical supplier Sika Everbuild.

Under the terms of the new contract, Walkers will become Everbuild‘s principal transport and logistic partner. It will be responsible for inbound and outbound logistics and the provision of all transport throughout the UK and Europe.

The two Leeds-based companies have partnered for more than a decade and the new multimillion-pound contract is set to support growth for both businesses.

Everbuild has been one of the first customers to utilise Walkers’ new Insight Portal.

Jason Scott, group managing director at Walkers Transport said: “We are delighted to be able to further cement our relationship with Everbuild. To have them show their faith in us by awarding such a huge contract is testament to our ‘Can Do’ philosophy, which sees us going above and beyond to always deliver quality centric service from all teams across the group.

“The Insight Portal is fully customisable to customer requirements and allows seamless integration with third party suppliers. Everbuild will benefit from the reduction in time to service customers and create value for the business as all consignment data can be managed in one place.”

Andy Butler, lead buyer UK of Sika Everbuild, added: “A business is only as strong as its partners, and in Walkers Transport we have a partner we know adds to the strength of our business. I look forward to working with Jason and his team for many years to come.”

If you need pallets moving through the UK and Europe, contact us at sales@walkers-transport.co.uk today so we Can Do. great things for your business!

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