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Partnering with Walkers Transport unlocks a world of potential. Help us drive efficiencies within your transport operation.

Founded in 1979, Walkers Transport have over 35 years of experience operating in the logistics industry. Offering a complete transport and logistics platform for customers to grow their business, we move over 1 million pallets of ambient, non-hazardous freight every year.

Our company vision, ‘We are, and always will be, an innovative, market-leading logistics partner that our customers can rely on to help them grow’ personifies our aim to deliver world class service daily, without fail. We promise to always stay true to our visions that underpin our service excellence:


As soon as your pallet is booked on with Walkers you know that it is safe hands. Our ground-breaking Walkers Insight portal gives full transparency of all consignment processes. We offer – and deliver – the service our customers deserve. With expert planning, experienced professional drivers and a dedicated Sales team alongside our superb Customer Service offices, seamless experiences are provided on a daily basis.

With five variations of pallet sizes on offer, we provide pallet models to suit your needs whatever your freight may be. We also provide different insurance levels so you can choose the amount that is right for you. Partnering with Walkers helps you say ‘goodbye’ to rigid, immovable deliveries and ‘hello’ the new era of flexible consignments.


This can take many forms; working as a partner we can offer industry leading advise on all aspects of transport and logistics. Whether it be how to wrap a pallet, sharing operational best practise or how to run a safe and efficient warehouse; Safety underpins everything we do and this means yours, your customers and our team.


One of our main aims is to help our customers’ operations run as smooth as possible. From time saving to cost cutting, Walkers always hold your best interests at heart. Couple this with our in-depth array of delivery and service options including Next Day, Economy and Timed deliveries, as well as out of hours services, and our customers are given complete delivery control to help create business efficiencies at every opportunity.


We continually search for new ways to improve and the Walkers Insight portal is a prime example of that. With supreme ETA functionality and Track and Trace 20/20 enabling customers to receive live consignment delivery updates, a transit time checker and proof of delivery to help you rest easy in the knowledge that your goods have been delivered, our customer portal holds all the valuable technology required for flawless customer experience.


All Walkers employees are empowered to deliver their very best with a smile every single day. Our company is driven by an engaged and focused Senior Leadership team, all of whom relish the opportunity to liaise with customers to fully understand their operations and needs. Our core values of honesty, positivity and safety run through the entire company and are embodied by everything we do.


Ever since Walkers’ inception, we have grown our company whilst enabling our customers to grow with us. Partnering with us means just that. We listen to your needs in order to develop our services, thus giving you a truly unique logistics platform to enable customer growth and retention in an increasingly competitive market. We don’t forget about you once you come on board, we actively engage and support companies and strive for the best for all of us. We’re in it for the long haul.

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